Barnabus Benjamin Wolf, A.K.A. ‘B.B.’ Wolf
Barnabus Benjamin Wolf was born in or around 1887, presumably in Leflore County, Mississippi, and quite possibly in the town of Money. Until recently B.B. Wolf was thought to be a ruthless killer, a deranged madman who took the lives of many dozens in the town of Money, his own family included. Only now do we know the true Wolf that B.B. was; devoted husband and father, a friend to all he met, and an innovative and pioneering blues man.

Alouissius Littlepig
The youngest of the Littlepig family, Alouissius Littlepig managed the southern Mississisppi land holdings for his elder brother, Carrington. Allouissius was the least ambitious of the Littlepig clan, gladly following the lead and orders of his brothers. When acquisition of the Wolf family farm became problematic, Allouissius, with the help of local muscle, enacted a more aggressive form of negotiation. This act would prove to be his downfall.

Elle Wolf
If we know little still of the life of B.B. Wolf, then we know practically nothing of the life of his wife, Elle. That she was a good mother and wife has been attested to. It must be said she died too young, along with her children, and the world, and most certainly B.B., would suffer from her passing.

Beauregard Littlepig
Certainly more ambitious, but not much smarter, was the middle brother of the Littlepig clan, Beauregard. Beauregard owned and managed the more colorful lines of revenue within the Littlepig economic empire. With his hooves in booze, prostitution, and racketeering, along with the more scrupulous endeavors of shipping and warehousing, Beauregard kept secure the central Mississippi river region, legs planted in the worlds of the industrial north and the farming south, as well as the worlds of legitimate commerce and criminal underworld. But as dangerous a life as he led it would be the simple fact of his name that would bring about his end.

Remus Wolf
Remus, or Remy, was the only member of the Wolf family to survive the events of 1920. One can only imagine the trauma incurred by watching first his mother and siblings tortured and burned alive, and then to witness his father executed by the State in the electric chair. To say he was emotionally scarred from that day forward would be a gross understatement. Remy would grow to adulthood and raise a family of his own. But he would never be whole, and would always feel the scars of those horrible events. Searching for some purpose and stability, Remy would enlist in the Army in the spring of 1940. Remy died serving his country in Belgium during the winter campaign of 1944. He was survived by his wife Daisy and 2 children, Lon and Lou.


Carrington Littlepig
Industrialist, millionaire, and criminal mastermind, Carrington Littlepig was the driving force behind Littlepig Industries. With concerns ranging from steel, cattle, and wheat to whiskey, gambling and prostitution, Littlepig Industries practically owned the Mississippi River Valley during the first two decades of the 20th century. But it was his ruthless and unethical business practices that would set into motion the tragic events of 1920, leading to the deaths of many dozens, including his two brothers. History would, for a time, paint him the hero, the pig who brought down the ruthless killer B.B. Wolf. History now knows better, and the villain that was Carrington Littlepig has now been revealed.

Lupis ‘Loop’ Cutter
Loop Cutter was the revered and beloved bartender of the Money town tavern, and good friend to B.B. Wolf. Upon the death of B.B., Loop would become Remy’s adoptive father, raising the young cub until Remy left Money in 1935. Loop would remain in Money until his passing in 1954.




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